Caving is the most popular activity, but nearby you will find something for everyone, including  hiking, fishing, cycling, historical sites and family attractions.


Speleo Camp is situated in the middle of Planinsko polje which belongs to the Classic Karst area where the number of caves per square kilometre is the highest in the world. The meaning of the word Karst, which originates from this part of Europe, can be fully comprehended only by experiencing the Karst phenomenen in all its diversity, the Karst sinkholes, vertical pitches, horizontal caves with huge underground chambers and passages, underground rivers and lakes etc.

Numerous cave animals have made their home in the underground world of classical Karst. The most famous as well as the largest cave animal being the ''human fish'' or Proteus anguinus. 




CAVE WALK  :  2h , 3h or 4h walk routes 

Less than 1 km away from  the campsite is a marked, cave route with different levels of difficulty. There are more possibilities 2, 3 or 4h long walks around the caves. The neccessary equipment  are good walking shoes  and a  torch. The route is marked with red-yellow  triangles.

2 h route - the shortest: 

Starting  from the village Laze, passing Vranja and  Skednena jama and leading through the forest  back to  the polje and then back to the village. Suitable for individuals, groups and families with children. 

3 h route - medium length: 

Starting from the  village Laze, passing  Vranja, Skednena jama and the  majority of the caves. It leads back through the forest to the polje. Suitable for individuals and groups.

4 h route - the longest: 

Starting from the village Laze, passing Vranja, Skednena jama and all other marked caves to the next town Logatec. Suitable for more experienced walkers.